Liatela_Joseph_MEMORIUM DISTRESS SIGNAL (film still).jpg
shedding (ecdysis) | 2016 | digital print on organza
untitled X | monotype on paper | 22"x30" | 2016
  In this endurance piece, I embodied a human-like creature undergoing multiple forms of rope bondage during a progression of physical transformation. Drawing a parallel to my experience of deferring medical transition, the rope bondage at first provides a feeling of safety, until the body reaches an inevitable physical threshold and must be released in order to prevent lasting physical damage. In the final stage of metamorphosis, I escape the bondage and shed the hair shielding my face, confrontationally making eye contact with the viewer, empowered in a new form.    This work reverses the dominant narrative of trans people being perceived as subhuman, by portraying a trans body as coming into itself as superhuman, and eventually, autonomous by reversing the gaze and staring back.   TRANS ETHERIUM explores trans bodies as physical sites of resistance, and functions an intimate testimony of the ebb and flow of the artist’s own experiences of embodiment.       Shot/Edited: Aja Pop Make Up: Melissa Capistrano Rope: FiveStar
becoming | monotype photo transfer | 22"x30"| 2015
  S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S.  (Sustaining Intergenerational Bonds through Listening, Interviewing, Narratives and Gathering Storytelling) is an intergenerational oral history project to preserve transgender history and build intergenerational connections in the transgender community. We are an audio recorded oral history art project in which transgender youth and elders are interviewed about their individual lives.  S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S. mission is to provide transgender people the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of their individual lives. We do this to empower transgender individuals, strengthen and build connections between transgender youth and elders, ensure transgender history is being written and recorded by and for transgender people in an empowering manner, as well as teach the importance of listening to one another.  Simultaneously, S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S. is creating a historically precious and intimate archive for future generations to reference.  To view the website, listen to interviews, and learn more,  click here