Joseph Liatela is an independent multimedia artist based in Oakland, California, working in printmaking, painting, performance, and video. His work explores the way we perceive gender, sexuality, the body, memory, trans/queer intergenerational trauma, and the self.  

He completed his BFA from the Individualized Honors program at California College of the Arts (2017) and has performed/exhibited in numerous galleries/venues, including exhibitions for the the National Queer Arts Festival (2016), the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (2017), SOMArts (2017), and was selected as a participant in the New York Arts Practicum (2016).  This summer he will be an artist in residence at Signal Fire Artist Residency based in Portland Oregon, as well as Denniston Hill's Clifford Owens Seminar based in Monticello, NY.  Upcoming exhibitions and performances include “Pressing On” at Richmond Art Center in Richmond, California and a public performance at Denniston Hill in Monticello, New York.